RMC Duck Call Models

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The BIG TRUCK was designed to be blown as a regular j-frame (just like a CWF, Alpha etc) but carry some of the characteristics of both a j-frame and a cutdown style call. This allows many that can not push enough air into into a cutdown call to have that aggressive sound but ease of use in a call from a loud crunch all the way down to a fast and easy feed. The call maintains an aggressive crunch but has hold for squeaky notes and a bottom end that it lite yet meaty, fast and nimble.
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Single reed (ColdWeatherFan™)
The ColdWeatherFan to date has 7 World Championships under her belt and is currently our best selling model.

Designed, built and dedicated to honor my friend John Libeau aka ColdWeatherFan.
The CWF has a deep tone and a very raspy characteristic to it with great hold. Volume wise it can get loud when asked to but will run whisper quiet with a sick raspy bottom end with the slightest air.
If you`re looking for that deep old nasty boss hen with POWER AND RANGE...the CWF is your call of choice.
*CWF designation is no lines on the insert*
Single reed BIG TRUCK™
Single reed (CWF ALPHA™)
The CWF Alpha is the big brother to the original ColdWeatherFan. It has the same unique characteristics but it has overall more volume.
New for 2021 the Alpha has been significantly freed up to allow more range, less back pressure and be faster and looser running.
* Alpha designation is 1 line on the insert*

Want super dirty and extra nasty?
The FTM has a deep thick tone with a very clanky rattle through the range from top to bottom. It has added hold for all those squeaky trick notes as well as a super fast feed.
When you want to be dirty, you`ve found your call.
The 2021 FTM has been updated to allow for smoother transitions through the ducks.
*FTM designation in no lines on the insert BUT will be engraved with FTM on the bottom of the tone board*

Single reed (FTM™)
Sticking true to the saying dynamite comes in small packages, the .410 packs one heck of a punch for its size! It is much smaller vs. its predecessors but if you`re looking for Cajun style squeal, less back pressure, lightning fast speed and that raspy young high pitch hen... Then this is the call for you.
The 2021 changes to the .410 allow for smoother transitions, better middle range duck, and hold a mile long with no hang ups.

*.410 designation is it`s small*

Single reed (.410™)